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Convenient and compassionate telehealth care.

Telehealth Services

Our telehealth services allows you to receive quality care without having to travel. We offer access to resources and care right from the comfort of your home or office. You can skip the waiting room and receive the highest level of care at an affordable price.

$75 fee for service 
To provide the best care, we require one health issue per visit.


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Telehealth Hours:

Monday – Friday: 10:00AM – 7:00PM EST by appointment.

For care after hours, on weekends or holidays, contact us for a concierge appointment.

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What Makes Us Impactful

Convenient Telehealth

Telehealth offerings to manage common ailments including upper respiratory, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, dermatologic and musculoskeletal complaints. Specialty referrals and extended visits for more complex cases. House call visits when necessary.

Inclusive Health

Impactful Care bridges the gap in access to quality healthcare by serving the needs of people regardless of race, gender, or creed.

Workplace Wellness

Allow Impactful Care to partner with the small business or corporate client in an effort to achieve wellness and prevention. Consider our telehealth packages or bring us on-site to perform healthcare screenings for blood pressure, diabetes and more!

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Impactful Care® offers a hybrid model catering to private pay clients seeking concierge service and/or quality service in the absence of insurance coverage.

We also accept Medicare, Medicaid, and PPO insurance payors, ensuring accessibility to all individuals in need.

We see patients ages 18 and older and treat one health concern per visit. Patients need access to a cell phone or a device that’s connected to the internet. You must also be located in Pennsylvania or New Jersey.

We provide telehealth services to patients ages 18 and older throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Our clinicians can diagnose and treat most complaints you may experience in a primary care or urgent care environment. We reserve the right to determine during the telehealth consultation whether an in-home consultation or referral to higher level care is warranted.

Convenience, Efficiency and Meaningful Exchange. Discretion, Trust and Compassion during a challenging time. A safe space to consult with a clinician in the privacy of your home, office or on the go!

My Impactful Care provider is awesome. Whenever I needed her, she has always been there and if I needed a referral, she always knows the best doctor to send me to.  She is the best.

Char M.

My impactful care provider really paid attention to me and my concerns with sincerity. I was so impressed with her. She was confident, compassionate and brilliant! She knew exactly what my problem was and how to help me. I would absolutely see her again!

Mary M.

My Impactful Care provider has such a vast knowledge base, an unparalleled level of compassion and is such a skilled diagnostician. She is nurturing, kind, respectful and absolutely exceptional.

Kate R.

Impactful Care has done wonders for me. Right now my Impactful Care provider is helping me find the right cocktail of meds for my RA. She is always accessible and always professional. She listens and understands what I’m going through. Her compassion and bedside manner alone are worth the visit. If you are in need please contact Impactful Care.

Charles V.

I find Impactful Care to be refreshing in a medical climate that is overwhelmed and often times insensitive. This clinician listened to my needs and took the time to understand my healthcare issue. I found my home.

Derek Y.

Our production was in more than capable hands with the Impactful Care team! It was an incredible experience.

Andrew V., Film Producer

Reliable, personal and responsive! A breath of fresh air for our small business!

Jeremy S., Small Business Owner

I appreciated the ability to have an extended visit with my siblings and father who has dementia. We were able to understand his prescribing regimen, earmark healthcare maintenance milestones an develop a care plan without feeling rushed.

Vidhya S., Caregiver

Needless to stay, I received extra kudos for onboarding Impactful Care Telehealth packages for our small business healthcare offerings. The Impactful Care team deserves all the credit!

George A., Small Business Executive

Enroute to the airport I forgot my rx for my diabetes medication. Telehealth in a pinch!

I actually picked it up from the pharmacy on the way!

Shelley B., Patient

I have been able to arrange several telehealth appointments for patients who are unable to communicate their own health needs because of a language barrier. Game changer!

Marta C., Language Interpreter

Thank you for helping me with my mom. She is feeling much better. I would definitely recommend Impactful Care!

Nicole S., Family Caregiver

My Impactful Care clinician was a great listener, extremely thoughtful and helpful. She was kind and very easy to talk to. She took the time to listen to my concerns and help me come up with a game plan. She was wonderful!

Katlyn M., Registered Nurse

Impactful Care was professional, caring, human and accurate, they solved my issues with no problem.. I like and would recommend them!

Gillian P., Multilingual Instructor

It was extremely important to me to offer a review for Dr. K. Bell @impactfulcare because it is such a rarity to find a Dr as compassionate and informative as she is. Dr. Bell has enriched my life as well as my family’s by the knowledge that she has shared, the compassion shown when delivering difficult messages, and the suggestions she’s made to generate and/or restore a comfortability amongst us. Thank you Dr. Bell!

Annette M., Entertainer

Dr. Bell has that authentic old fashioned bedside manner, so to speak, that you just don’t get from other doctors anymore. She takes the time to listen to the patient and then provide detailed information in a manner that is understandable and clear to the patient and companions. She also helps to advise loved ones about caregiving support services if they need assistance with their loved ones or to cope themselves. As a busy CEO, actively caregiving for my Dad, she was able to help me develop actionable steps towards wellness for me AND my father! Priceless!

Ronald H., Corporate Executive

With it being difficult to leave work, the service proved to be an efficient way to have an employee see a teledoc and get the advice and prescription needed to return to work feeling better and functional. Thank you, Impactful Care. Thank you for your Impactful Care.

Bernice B., Small Business Owner

Impactful Care!  Kindness! Bedside manner! Active listening! They thoroughly  answered all of my questions. They take  their time and explain everything in terms you can understand. You really get the feeling that you are not just “another patient” 

Sebastian F., IT Developer

Dr. Bell has always done the absolute most when treating me and my family. I am glad to see her on this platform- as she has been around for years.

Kristina O., Social Worker

Impactful Care was phenomenal in helping me and my sisters take care of our mother. They zoomed with us, and went to see my mother both at the hospital and at her home. My mother said that she felt like she had an angel surrounding her care.

Dorion M., Community Leader

Impactful Care helped me and my staff of ten to prioritize our health! As  small business client I am able to offer my staff a healthcare option 

Brittnee S., Small Business Executive

Dr. Bell made me feel that my medical condition was as important to her as it was to me to bring about the best resolution of my condition. In other words I did not feel that I was treated as if on an assembly line.

Brad C., Mechanic

I love Dr. Bell!! She was so kind and thorough and knowledgeable, but what I loved most is how she listened. I never felt rushed. I had been given the “run around” previously by physicians and specialists for eight months trying to get to the bottom of a medical issue. Dr. Bell took the time to listen to my story and my symptoms, ordered the appropriate tests, and was able to obtain a diagnosis within a few days. From the first moment I talked to her, I felt as if I was in good hands, and that I was being taken care of by a friend, I highly recommend Dr. Bell!!!

Claire H., Stylist

Impactful Care is a hybrid medical practice that caters to the needs of you, the patient. No frills, no fuss, no stress. Just solid compassionate, reliable healthcare that provides a safe space for vulnerability and convenient access to care. We provide care for the adult person who happens to be uninsured with reasonable rates for service and the insured client who desires more from their healthcare team.

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